A new social era

As the 2012 approaches, everyone expect something new in our world. From Occupy Wall Street to European crisis, we can acknowledge a clear conscientiousness is happening politically and economically. Some are afraid to talk about it. They are pretending is our… Lire la suite

A mobile world

Nowadays entrepreneurs are very mobile therefore they need tools, gadgets that enable them to access their clients’ files from anywhere. This is why gadgets like Ipad’s and Blackberry’s are often used by business… Lire la suite

Have social Medias made users and businesses more sociable?

The context: social Medias are recent; they have less than 5 years. But before that there were many websites for people to communicate. The particularity of social Medias is to connect individuals or… Lire la suite

Your relations & ideas into profitable results

As a business and IT consultant, I offer my knowledge by using web tools and portals to help entrepreneurs who want to make a difference by providing better services to customers. My background… Lire la suite