About who’s the story is really?

It’s weird how this trailer reminds me a bible’s story. A Father sent his son on Earth to save the world. He has superpowers, he can fly, walk on the sea and so.… Lire la suite

Born again!

Today on a usual shiny day I feel so agitated since I woke up. Just like I was hearing every words of my close people around me. I even hearing heart spoken words.… Lire la suite

I still love even I feel pissed off!

Tired of these people: They are the first to go and pray, the first to ask for forgiveness, all day long to tell you what to do and thinking they have alone access… Lire la suite

Back to board

It’s been a long time I did take time to share my adventures of my dreaming life. I guess I was too busy to live it! I realize how life could change course… Lire la suite

Moving forward

These days I take a step forward to a new direction. After a prayer, I was in the shower when I feel asked by the Yeshua spirit to follow him and put away… Lire la suite

Gentle doesn’t mean stupid!

What a funny night,  I’ve been invited to a networking event by a relation I decide to call Miss Bossy. She has so much character this woman, I don’t want to qualify her. As a… Lire la suite

Partner matter

I guess it’s because I feel concerned I noticed lot of comments and blogs about how your partner play a big whole in your life. Personally as a single man and ex married… Lire la suite

Into the miserable rich Lab

Yesterday I attended the fascinating GrowLab conference at Notman House in Montreal. The conference labeled Are you an Entrepreneur or a Wantrepreneur? hosted within the support of RealVenture and Inovia was packed with a lot… Lire la suite

The ‘I’ culture

My friend ‘HAPPY’ sent to me a text with mentions and started by I. It looks so ‘anodin’ but I realized something was strange because I was sure he was talking about us.… Lire la suite

You don’t want to eat the (SOPA) soup. You will drink ACTA anyway!

While Stop Online Piracy Act SOPA were been postponed for vote after many protest European sister bill has been signed! Maybe It could create a new market for Startups. Let’s see in summary what the heck with… Lire la suite