No age for Love

Today I’ve been a witness of a deep emotional statement. I was attending a business event when I met a relation of mine I called Oldy. Oldy is old gentleman I met when I was setting up the installation for our business cocktail last month. He could be my father and the first I met him, I had sympathy with him because he has a sincere and true energy. As they used to say a very good halo or ora.  He’s very active guy because at his age he has able to claim stairs and fix wires. And above all he’s a pilot. To get back on my subject, I had an exchange with him shortly about his personal life. Because last time he mentioned to me that he had a date so I asked him how everything was with his love. He admitted to me that was over since a few. I felt so bad for him. Because in his eyes I could see how deep he was into it and bad he want it to work. I tried to be empathy by telling him how hard in Quebec relationship could be. Surprisingly he confirmed to me a statement I used to mentioned. He said and I quoted him ‘in Quebec women don’t really believe in true relationship anymore. They are easy to quit for any issue. Because of the feminist movement, they lost the true engagement goal by trying to be too independent!’ And mentioned of because of the last two generation has pushing too much. I like pretty much this subject but this time I don’t want to add too much because of the pain I notice he has been throu. And I became so uncomfortable so I was thinking to hug him. But we sharked hands with a hand on the should by wishing the best for the new year.

Anyway, after a quick thinking, I know I need to share this with peers or my girl friend obviously from Quebec and I don’t want to get into trouble by sharing such though. Well I believe she might read it one day so I better share it or keep for myself. Anyhow, last time my post was a very good excuse for ex to broke up. Another story I need to share. Sometimes, I feel like an actor playing in movies like the social when Marc Zukenberg blog about his girlfriend… That’s why I don’t put real names in my writing or talk much about my private life. Because it will affect your future for sure. Hum, that’s a good way to shape the future, I mean mine. Baby if read this, don’t pay attention to odes, he is simply getting too old! Well, I need to admit that love to get old my friend. Just make sure you are not become too OLD for love period.

If I’m taking my time to write about this is because I believe lot of people find themselves getting old and become so difficult and don’t want to change the way they think and even give a chance to analyse in their benefits. The true is we need love at any age. And as my father GF said, don’t worry to find love just getting yourself ready and open to accepted it. In our talk we could want live abut in our deep conscious they so much baggage under it become difficult to see it and maintain it.

I believe love is more than a feeling. It’s also a way to accept the other by changing ourselves. We all after a love affair change our way to be in love or our behavior vis-a-vis the opposite sex. I always to quote Paul from his letters to the Corinthians: Love bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe the best of every person, its hopes are fade less under all circumstances, and it endures everything [without weakening]. It’s a pretty deep verse that you could meditate and hopefully I wish will change positively your LOVE.