Outside a big heart you will find a woman and inside a woman you find a big heart

Outside a big heart you will find a woman and inside a woman you find a big heart – Bruner

While I was contemplating women face on an online book called facebook, I begin to understand what really motivates a such beautiful creature. As men, we have to admit we are more driven by ambitions, goals and underwears. In opposite to women who are clearly motivated by feelings, emotions etc. And the heart of woman is made to love. That’s doesn’t mean, we, men not carry love as much. It’s simply see,  describe, like or aim differently from a different angle.

By writing this lines, I see the affection and love only woman can hold. For example, the love of the mother for her child and her feeding mission. This make me have a clear deduction: Women are not good at military war. An army of women at war will be a mess. Women are born to give birth life not to take it. On the other hand, most of wars are provoke by women. And all men know, if your worst enemy is a woman, you are died!

Let’s get back to our subject, a woman heart is huge.  So don’t try to figure it out. It’s like an ocean. Too much secret are kept inside. That’s why guys, my fellow gentlemen, you should simply love as much as your woman. Don’t try to much to understand her! Make sure her cup is full or her emotional sentimental account is never be overdraft. Get it! Don’t try to play Don Juan with a Queen. At least don’t try to make the same mistake again. As a king, you already have too much in your plate to handle. As my friend W used to siad you don’t need to this wisdom with bad experience. Just to avoid could a smart too. The heart of a woman has to be fill by LOVE: your love. It’s simply a Life’s Only Valuable Emotion!

If you get lost little bit by how to love and fill a woman heart, here’s a few tips:

  • Listen
  • Observe
  • Value
  • Embrace

I’m writing to convince guys how to LOVE. Because it’s should flow naturally but sometimes we need reminders. Because as man we process and calculate linearly in order to finish completely what we aim. So now after reading this let’s focus on filling a woman  High Explosive Area Ready Tank!