Be more concern…

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are. John Wooden

I was really upset to hear my neighbor his big voice tried to get more money for rent with foolish excuses. Because every one doesn’t have same character we tend to take ‘BS‘ different ways. I was at certain time too gentile to ask why and speak my mind. I was a very shine guy, believe me! And with my gentleness and shyness I don’t like trouble and be part of one. So I managed to say a few objections without asking or stand straight on position. With social experiences, I learn to understand human race. We are so naive so we don’t stand for real rights. When you are too gentle and kind, people will abuse you if you don’t pay attention and be firm. Certain discussions or disputes don’t really worth it. If it won’t change your situation or affect you directly. Why having a debate about a matter that doesn’t really matter to you? Therefore if the point or the request is affecting your rights and convictions, you need to ‘speak’ your mind and stand-up. Here’s an advice for ladies: Don’t speak too loud and overact. Use smart and tact and common sense to make your point. Because you could be right and you present wrongly your point. If your interlocutor doesn’t get it. Do NOT argue on it over and over. It’s will make it worse. Simply ask the person to think about it and simply move on.

I know I’m a MAN OF CHARACTER who stands for my convictions. Don’t test me too much, I’m still manage my patience. I’m learning it from Charly Sheen. I build reputation on TRUST and ALTRUIST. Because I believe we all need someone to count on. So I better not promise and I keep my little I can manage. Relationship is very very important. If you really want to build a good reputation try to keep your word. Like my brother Yeshua AKA Jesus used to say: Your yes is a yes and you no is NO.