My Faith is stronger than Fear

Some people think we have old-fashion thinking to have HIGHT values (personal and spiritual). Because we are living in 2013 and technology will solve our problems. I love technology don’t get me wrong, but my #wisdom and knowledge are further then a few human technics less than hundred years old.

We all were dreaming when we were young about the flying cars and space shuttle when watching COSMOS 1999 and Knight 2000. After decades I don’t see NONE. Wake up people and stop dreaming. Technology will not change humanity and people. We are greedy people trying to get more. We head all the time new technology to clean to clean this and will fix that. We even created new plant’s seeds (genetically-modified organism ). At the end of the day we all want to buy more TIME to live. We came up a few years ago with blood transmission and now we have organs transplant. Seriously? So we were so stupid  and so now we find it. Eureka! It will be so simple to replace all human body. So let’s then remove the brain and create a generic human body and put it in? And the problem will be solve for all. Go figure!

Well my personal opinion is clear as water. If we cannot reproduce artificial blood because we don’t know LOT of things hidden inside based on our limited intelligence. Therefore why take that chance to create new diseases. And my Faith is clear about it either. Don’t worry for me if I’m out of blood, I will be able to reproduce it again. If I can’t by myself let me go to heaven straight. It’s my choice and a right. Life after death we tell us the consequences.

I’m saying that because I knew what it is suffering with a disease. Yes! I used to have 2 in the past . We are they now? Well go find out or ask me. And I almost be killed several times. If you suffer is because your spirit lost the control over your body. And without real FAITH you can NOT order and activate many cells. I called them the ‘miracle’ cells.  If you cultivate FEAR instead, the healing process won’t happen.

As human, we don’t have long term memories. Remember when in few decades ago, we discovered lot of blood transfusion contaminated. Now we have the ‘technology’ so it won’t happen. Really? How you are so sure? Because they promise more time to life. At what conditions? We can’t even count the planets in OUR solar system! So good luck to those who choose to take the risk to mix their blood!

My Faith is based on the TRUE word of GOD. If you don’t believe and don’t know what it is. I’ll be glad to explain to you with logics. You may miss your ticket for a extended life. For my part I have nothing to loose except time to teach thousands year of a wisdom from a higher source can’t be wrong!