Don’t feed your mind with ‘junk news’

bad-news-on-tv1My Good friend and I has a big argument last time when I told her to stop watch her mind died and avoid ‘junk news’. Well as you she replied to me ‘Information is always good and this days we have to keep informed’ A very good objection but see by yourself if it true to watch all TV information news whatever you discussed it. In order to give to you more tips and hints so you can decide by yourself.

Let’s begin with the discussions context: My statement was this: Because we see nowadays how people become judgmental and become very sensitive to be judged. I believe no one has to judged by someone else. Of your course don’t cross the border of expressing an opinion. The fact you refer to your listened as the concerned and criticize her personality NOT the actions could be easy take as a judgment. For example if you said ‘Eating pizza and drink coke is not healthy and contains too much fat’ is different from if you said ‘If you will look fatter if you eat pizza and coke’ Both brings the same message different ways. Trust NO women is the world will like this last statement even it’s true. Let’s go back to our subject again. I was mentioned ‘We need to keep a healthy physical diet not only with food but also with the all the bads news and bad programs we watching on TV.  If you believe watching CSI every freaking days and news all nights are inoffensive. Why about the people who made a depression after 911 without involves. Hello???? Wake up guys! You may not have a disorder for any insanity. But the fact you nourish the seed everyday with produce a fruit you won’t see until the case bring you to hospital. Heart attack and cancer become number one disease in developed countries. I’m begging people watch funny and educational programs has less issues than the average. By The way do you in hospital where the patient watch funny programs they feel better after laugh so much! So the same effect could be caused the opposite. Feel me?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying to never make news! I’m saying to watch watch your put into your head ‘ Garbage in Garbage out!’ Open your inside eyes and look carefully what type of programs you are feeding yourself, feel free to send to me and I will I will tell what you size, your interests etc. Tell me what your watching and I will tell you who you are! So simple.

If you are you very visual like me. Build you OWN program. Or choose your program over the Internet. Don’t worry about the news. If you don’t watch or read it. It will come to you via Facebook, Twitter witch becoming the faster interactive news media  (Reed the following links: and this video:

It’s great to keep yourself. But like food too much junk won’t help you. And ask yourself if you watch less news and junks programs, the world will change? Not sure dear readers. My advices to you is simple: Watch your mind diet like your food diet!