Born again!

Born and believe again!

Born and believe again!

Today on a usual shiny day I feel so agitated since I woke up. Just like I was hearing every words of my close people around me. I even hearing heart spoken words. I guess my spiritual journey come to certain destination points (lol). I said a few words to my sister I’m living with how her words could be a major impact on her kids. After that she took more times than usual to dress her daughter, I guess what I told her make her think a lot. I just feel to say what I feel and sense on a peaceful manner.

When I get back home I received the visit of Carolyn, a Jehovah Witness who always want to have a quick talk with me. After inviting her to enter, she invited me to participate at their ceremony. Meanwhile, I took some time to explain to her what’s the true name of God. When I realized her frustration about Jew’s behaviour in Israel where she has been tree times. I do understand why some Christians has serious matter with the Jews. She states that we are new the new Jews. Well, I have to review and explain to her the ten commandments and why we won’t as Christian remove what we don’t like. Obviously all excuses are it’s a old law for the Jews only! Therefore my question was simple: It’s good to kill? To lie and so on? So why the others don’t make sense! We even copy them in the united Nations Chart. So as  a child of the light, I believe none of the commandments written by our common God (YHWH) can be removed. Well the discussion end with nice hugs.

Later during a church commemoration, as the preacher reading the bible I just go it! I Just like a son remember his dad, I was captivated by the words I know my father want to tell me. I’m leaving my true life now. Yes, my Father write a book to talk to me! Well you may say I’m just new converted Christian who just discover the bible and my brother Yeshua AKA Jesus. I don’t blame your thinking. Therefore, I used to read the bible and I know most also the Torah and even Muslim Coran. So I was prepared, but my soul was not ready yet to born again.

I understand quickly, when I ate the bread and drink the wine. I was so hungry and thirsty too physically and spiritually. I was able to control the physical reaction. I knew who am I and why I was feeling to sensitive to words and the worship music in the morning. It reminds me who am I. I’m a new born who has few decades on Earth. And our mission is easy: spread my brother words, a marketing job! But some complicate it. Because they read the Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth (as a soul mate used to call it) without having a true relationship.

After share my peace and joy with my fellow Christians. I go to celebrate with a relation I meet by synchronisity as James Reidfied call that. We have great fun share the cheaper chicken 2 dollars promo . At the end I ending to clean the car and get some stuff for home and specially for my nephew Giogio.

I forget to mentioned if you want to born again, it requires mental and physical cleaning. So don’t be afraid! You won’t loose your mind and listen the ‘voice’. It  not happen as human hear but in your deep heart. As you can acknowlege I still can writing other stuff I believe could change your life and find your purpose.