I still love even I feel pissed off!

actually-nice-piss-me-off-pissed-pissed-off-Favim.com-254131_largeTired of these people: They are the first to go and pray, the first to ask for forgiveness, all day long to tell you what to do and thinking they have alone access to abundant and eternal life.Here is how to recognize them:
Their home lives like a backyard, silence and reading are their own worst enemies! This tells you something?
They claim to be Christian but do not know the meaning of Christ!
They claim to know God but ignores his real holy name!
Always complaining about other people and their everyday lives. And if you do not agree with the actions watch out!

The world makes causes lot of suffer to them. Unfortunately, their bad habits and their life experiences have left a bitter taste to them. And pain remained in their soul and their hounds could not cure. Their place of escape are only worship churches. They are good but their words do not produce goodness. Say I love you to their families is too hard! They are afraid of appearing insane. Lot of them are getting sick and feel down just because they are eating the same crap physically, mentally and spiritually. They keep holding baggages and old craps in their hands and mind over and over. Guess what? they expect to receiving blessings and attract abundance! Seriously? Humm… This way of thinking has a simple word definition. It’s called INSANITY!

Like a smart ‘ASS’ we are judging people and measure them or even ‘beholden thou the mote that is in the brother’s eye’  so we become judgemental!  And guess what? We will be judged with the same measure.

So folks, throw away these mental baggages and let’s move on!

These people, I love them despite their flaws and imperfections. For their heart witch contains many unreleased love we must commitmented to help them express it.