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Bruner Noziere writing new path

It’s been a long time I did take time to share my adventures of my dreaming life. I guess I was too busy to live it! I realize how life could change course when you make certain choice and meet people. Since my last post I didn’t realize how my party man has gone, a new man has born. The wise man win on party animal character because after all everything is this world is vanity. Yes after reflections, I decide to go back to board and start learn from the beginning as a new born.

Well my busy life has change since I realize my goals was not the same anymore. No rush for the financial greed ‘success’. Not because I give up. Therefore It comes to me more obvious that certain stuff are more precious and priceless. Why to conquer a world ‘watch world? Or relationship’ if we lost what we’ve lost and the most important thing we have ‘our soul’. Yeah yeah, I may hear some thoughts. Yes, I believe BIG TIME in it by pursuit a my true purpose on earth. Time to reset the clock and get serious. Whatever we do, working, praying, meditating, everyone on earth want to live MORE. That’s it. That’s the end of the equation. All of us want a life time equal=infini period!

Well many folks out there try to make themselves comfortable in their zone by convincing themselves and others to live this short life as much crazy as they we can. Not bad idea! But there is a big question. Because after all we all have -+100 years to do our move. After that game is over! I’m not trying to philosophy with you, but my logic was simple. Why then we make exactly what we were born to be?  Or we can continue to work as slave every danm day as try to burn the can juice in having good time?

My friend Happy tell me after he turns 50, he has enough. Why we need to be in our 50’s or 70’s to start thinking differently. Same thing when people having deadly accident or incident, they start to change their thinking. During my previous life I survived a plane and moto accidents with many gun attacks in port-au-prince city. I don’t want to paint my mother land as bad destination. But living among people struggle to survive every day is different game with more complicated rules. I’m happy to have these experiences early because nowadays I’m looking for a better place called PEACE. Who don’t want to see smiles everywhere with no wars, no bad news every single day? I don’t watch TV as before: too much reality ‘crappy’ shows with no intellectual or educational programs. Thanks to Oprah Network, History channel, Disney , Comedy etc.

Thanks to the Universe to wake me up and bring to me a light. This light has been brought to me as new relationship. No comments! Because of the interaction we share I started to look my life style more seriously and getting closer to my real beliefs. I learn the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: The Bible! My eyes just reopened again and my life shifted quickly. I started teaching all the wisdom I have learn. That December 21st 2012 is was the end of my old life not this world. The date was chosen by the attendance after all. Anyway, I spend lot of my time to dig in it and know my heaven Father name better, the tetragram in Hebrew (YHWH).

Guess what? since, I go back to my life board, I even thinking to study again because I become so thirty of knowledge. I choose very very carefully where I go and the people I will spend time. No matter what, you will resemble with the birds you flock together with. Now my life is reloaded as brand new toy. My battery is full with energy I share to my precious diamond. As the song, I feel shined bright like a diamond in the sky. And my journey is to help people shine as me just begin.

I feel so light I can barely describe the peace and love I have inside. It takes lot of courage to remove all the dust and thoughts we accumulated. Just the first mind clean up may be painful. So I will share with you the secret. You will decide it’is good for you or not. If you need help I will be there for you. Here a few recommendations or advices.

The first step CLEANING

You need to take some time for YOU. Yes time of not for vacation without doing nothing. But to get back to relive our previous age until you were a born. Meditation is the only way to listen to yourself. And prayers are crucial to start. I recommend Rick Warren’s book: The purpose of the driven life and  Joel Osteen A New You of . Watch regularly the video until you get it!

Second step: NATURING

Nature yourself with good peaceful voice, music, reprogram your mind. Read very positive audio-books and listen in car or train where you spend few hours everyday. Imagine. I recommend this book or audibook: What successful people do before breakfast of Laura Vanderkam , for the lazy ass See the resume here:

Final step PRACTISING. Of course practice make better. Just like the new year when lot of people take resolution and after a few months or weeks get back to their daily routine life. And they still expect different results. Please let’s be honest with ourselves. RESCHEDULING yourself, get a new vision board. If you are too ‘lazy’ ! Get a Pinterest board and print it! Sorry to push so much but I need to wake you up and living your PURPOSE LIFE. I wish this sharing with help you as a reader to get the life you hope to have. Remember: To make it, you have to BELIEVE. And you believe it deeply, I promise you will the light and enjoy it.

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