Moving forward

moving-forwardThese days I take a step forward to a new direction. After a prayer, I was in the shower when I feel asked by the Yeshua spirit to follow him and put away my dreams. Just like the one who asked him: what should I do to deserve the kingdom? He replied to him: « Leave everything and follow me. »

Being more active on social media about my beliefs and values. Most of friends know how spiritual I become. Some of them don’t know what and why behind this drive. Only a few will take a chance to ask me. The majority won’t and a minority will talk behind your back. Because nowadays people don’t really care about other values as soon as they still follow their interests. Few weeks ago two good friends of mine who always kept silence on social and internet media come to ask me during a cocktail with funny manner. « I see you become a pastor now » what’s going on? Did you get repented? Before I answered I take time to watch and read their mind carefully in order to see their state of mind. Obviously they were sincere and was curious to know. I replied to them: « well I decided to share my spirituality and wisdom with all my facebook friends including you because after all you are more connected to me even you spying all the time without saying nothing. It’s good or not? » One of them stated that I should be careful to not border some of my fans. Here was my answer:
 » If you can not accept my freedom to share on my facebook wall my values? You know what to do. » I’m not there to please people neither to powder them. Yours values and beliefs that’s what build your character and authenticity. You should never trade even the smallest on. Because it will affect your dignity!

Until your intentions are not to punish, judge and offence your fellows. We all have the right to express freely our mind. Therefore we need to be careful how. If you put behind intentions to elevate and educate first, you won’t have to worry to speculate.

Self-education is a key to grow mentally. But if you want to move further you could start nurturing yourself too with self-development and spirituality. Because you can be intelligent and have bad intentions. And Martin Luther-king Jr. said  » Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education. »
So take time to find the purpose of your life and build character. Don’t continue to have a regular « having fun as possible » agenda like we used to. Unless you are satisfied with yours, build your born-to-be life. Be driven, be authentic and be bold. Bruner