Gentle doesn’t mean stupid!

What a funny night,  I’ve been invited to a networking event by a relation I decide to call Miss Bossy. She has so much character this woman, I don’t want to qualify her. As a friend, I’m questioning a lot about women expectations. I was surprise to meet lot of my folks there getting there to meet and chill out and eventually meet some clients. My good spotlight is this woman name Katia who were good-looking and dressed. She was obviously looking some king of waitress job. My goodness she is so pretty well, I guess she doesn’t have choice to do so. After quickly realized that, I direct her to the bar staff I hope will be able to help her.

Back to business, I went to meet my friends when Miss Bossy appear to join us. After a few conversation, she straight asked me for a drink. I asked why you not offering me a drink instead? She replied to me: As a gentleman, you need to please a woman first. Based on this, I accepted. But no barmen were there in our corner. You know when you get in some bar and all barmen and barmaid serve the same spot and forget the other side. You get the picture. I was checking the other side when I meet a couple I didn’t see a while. I get lost in the conversation when Bossy asked the drink again. Well, I guess she’s really serious or jealous! So I obeyed and get back to my folks again. When I meet new people I forgot my crew because I know them so I will get back when I finish to exchange.

As soon as I get back,  my other friend I decide to name Josy, requested me a drink also. I was frozen when she told me: Why her?not me? Well, I’m not your date and boyfriend so I understand that I need to be something gentle. Josy is one of the coolest girl I know. She started: you know Bruner, you are gentleman so you must please women. I replied: ‘As soon I can get back the pleasure I’m all in! But the fact that last time, you hooked me up with someone not quitly interested I need now to move on faster’ Just like in business, if she or he are not interested why spending your time try to sell your stuff when you can sell it to someone else. Of course, she replied woman are different and want to make sure who really want her. Just a ‘BS’ to have more ‘backup’ man to choose in the pile. I don’t play that game anymore. I spend to much and lost to much time to please people who doesn’t see it. They think for their beautiful eyes and curves we need to pay a price. After a while, Bossy decided to have another drink, this time she ordered by herself, I guessed she don’t want to wait . This time, I requested to her a drink, guess what? No way! She replied to me: ‘It’s a man thing to offer not the opposite and once a while a woman will do it. Hum! So I asked Josy when a man should be treated as if. Josy confusedly replies: ‘It depends on how the date is going on’. Clearly true but, should I pay all and get nothing back. It sounds silly and stupid to me. After all, why a gentleman has to be nice if it will cost him?

We used to say ‘Nice men always finish last’. Since then, I don’t want to finish last. Because I will please you if you will please too. It’s doesn’t mean necessary drinks, food or else. But I need to feel I’m a gentleman NOT a fool. As in business, I become to more negotiable. Like a man-woman game, It’s a question of bed time we are negotiating: Are we going to spend a night, a few or lifetime?

Gentleman doesn’t mean stupid. And in business, I remember to be the nicer guy who will give all of his time to please and help other people who don’t consider their value as it is. My recommendation is simple. So I keep in mind this sentence in the bible to remind me that: “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs »