Partner matter

I guess it’s because I feel concerned I noticed lot of comments and blogs about how your partner play a big whole in your life. Personally as a single man and ex married I get the picture how the impact could be a motor driven witch could be forward and backward. Since the few years I play solo I was not satisfied of the results. Because after all i’m a big fan of ‘Two can play that game’ So after many questions of my curious noisy friends I decided to come up with answers that design my situation.

We all can admit finding a good partner business wise and personal becomes a Luck. This luck has to create by meeting new people with standards. Their are new rules and criterias in our hear they have to pass.

As in business, you need to date your new partner to know him in order to avoid a one night stand. For flirting, one night is good but it doesn’t land too far. It’s the same a working customer. As soon as transactions are done! Hasta la vista baby! It becomes more often it could become a fling or a friends with benefits. Nice name!  Well after many dates and flings time to go back to real world. As new Internet friend told me, you cannot build a house by change every time your engineer. Smart analogy isn’t?

To go back in business world now we have new tools to find better match. Using linkedin or other social sites doesn’t spread the chemistry needed to start building a strong relationship. I’m sexophania who likes intelligence intellectually and emotionally so for me you could very intelligent with slick mind but ATTITUDE and personality really matter for me.

So Guys, let’s be real and authentic. Even lot of my friends believe I’m doing wealthy financially I don’t believe in liars and fake. My close know how much I lost in real estate before I get back on my feet. And make it happen could cost your personal life if you are prepared. Last a relation call me to invite me to her event when I told her I don’t the budget. She though I was joking. Building a descent takes courage and dignity when everything you have is Hope! I mean it. It’s cool to have dreams but it’s better to Live them. Share them with others is simply awesome!