Into the miserable rich Lab

Startups lab

Yesterday I attended the fascinating GrowLab conference at Notman House in Montreal. The conference labeled Are you an Entrepreneur or a Wantrepreneur? hosted within the support of RealVenture and Inovia was packed with a lot of angels, geeks, entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs in the Montreal tech world. Of course, just by reading and looking at the name tags, you could see who was willing to learn or to make a difference. My first impression to this event was “pretty cool”. We have people from the other side of Canada , particularly from Vancouver  pitching us their vision and experience on what it takes to be an entrepreneur and to join their lab. As a Canadian immigrant listening and observing new visitors others than from Montreal is politically a hunch to know and learn better.

I really enjoyed listening to the introduction of Debbie Landa, Founder, Grow Conference & Co-Founder and speaker at the event. She was clear and precise by giving the non-romance of what is takes to be an entrepreneurs. She reminds me of a TV show animator. What a talent she had! I truly believe she should be in the TV industry . The other guys were pretty simple and displayed geeky styles like any ‘crazy geek’ from the valley. They dressed like tech gurus I know, and clearly are more beer addicted than wine fan. By selling Vancouver as a strategic spot for tech start-ups because it is approximately one hour away from Seattle and San-Fransisco was a pretty great tactic. I was sold. I would love to travel and take a plane again to California where I was five years ago just by curiosity, really not in my agenda at the time. Still I want to spend more time to exchange and experiment the Lab. In the tech world, Lab has been not only a scientific meaning but also a life style. Just watch carefully the life of Mark in the social network, you will understand. The culture behind this is more fun and less boring. Contrary to Jason Bailey, a Co-Founder, becoming an entrepreneur is not so cool as we think. According to him, with his own word he is still ‘miserable’ after many successes and getting enough money after selling for millions the startup he bootstrapped. Maybe some king of joke for many dreamers. Therefore Jason mentioned since 6 years old, he was in the ‘Lab’ and during his twenties , he made it. So based on this calculation, if you still want to have a successful story, it could takes you many years of your  life or thousand of hours. Approximately 10,000 hrs, according to  Malcolm Gladwell in ‘The Outliers‘ for success story.

By observing the assembly faces, I saw the life glance  in the eyes of many. The new friend I met an hour before, clearly doesn’t have the same bubble size as when she entered. Honestly they speak the true and the real life of an entrepreneur. A lot of people don’t make a difference between a businessman, a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. They underestimate what type of guts you need to continue and act upon your idea. With my few ventures and my many failures, I keep hope and get more desire to continue to make it happen. I need to meet my tech team to get our server running fast and furious. With two projects on the board, one has to be on hold. And only the one with a ‘big fat’ ROI(Return On Investement) for ‘big ass’ market must stay. My last ventures were not successful because they look more like hobbies. Time to get back into the miserable lab again before pitching it.

Because my family was more business oriented, I believe my credentials as a businessman is my first soft skill. Therefore coding continuously is finished for me. Still knowing how to make was great but not to fun when it comes to cashing it. So with an idea, a clear vision and a great team everything is possible. Let’s forget the miserable world of entrepreneurs and let’s have fun with beers and cool friends while building a new story.

Picture credit : Mark Anderson