The ‘I’ culture

My friend ‘HAPPY’ sent to me a text with mentions and started by I. It looks so ‘anodin’ but I realized something was strange because I was sure he was talking about us. Then I started thinking how the I culture has been implemented by a myself first ideology. Just look at the brand names of Apple devices, IPAD, IPOD or IPHONE. You can imagine by using so much during all the day our IPHONE, how we could be psychologically addicted to MY device.

Reference to Jane Buckingham , the generations like generation Y is more overtitled, but they care about the community. Generation X is more concerned about My job, « Me, myself and I ». Based on the culture of head company culture are very different. Look for example the culture inside  Google, Facebook, Goupon. These new tech Giants are more creation oriented because they know the youngest generation wants more creative space. The production is not a problem anymore using Cloud technology, Outsourcing production, customer trends are more concerned. That’s why they focus on building community activity and creativity to allow the final customer and user to participate directly.

Advetising becomes more analytic than before, it’s not a number game or game to reach the number and sociology play a big role to drive more users and followers. Unfortunately lot of bloggers and advertisers proposes to our people to be rich and become happier by simply subscribe to their damn products or services. We know lot of people who has manipulated so many and been few years been on their own after promise the gold to poor with any sense of business.

That’s doesn’t we could not success with the ‘I’ culture branding and business. All it based on your personal skills. Experts called them SOFT skills. Because we all skills we can improve but not all of us has talent. As a superstars, only a few overcome and overpass regular gifts. So if you thinking about doing personal business by pushing your personal brand or commercial or network distribution, make sure you have enough soft skills and a minimum business knowledge to pursue your dreams. After your success will all depends of your performance, perseverance and so on. Therefore we are going now in a ‘We’ culture with two way interactions. It’s a coincidence if Google hangout so cool. As Obama why there have so many user on G+. By the way feel free to follow us and comment it.

I would like to recommend to anyone interested to start a personal business to check it out recommendations sites on social branding. One of my favorite author and guru for branding Gary Vaynerchuk books: The Thanks You Economy and Crush it witch has been a New York best seller. I had a chance to meet Gary during his conference at  Indigo in Montreal by chance and since then I apply his advices and see my online community become more effective and more concerned. So Thank you Gary for sharing his knowledge with us.