You don’t want to eat the (SOPA) soup. You will drink ACTA anyway!

While Stop Online Piracy Act SOPA were been postponed for vote after many protest European sister bill has been signed! Maybe It could create a new market for Startups. Let’s see in summary what the heck with these government bill acts and why so much pressure to do it now. First let’s remind to you what are the bills are about and why so much actions around suchs Wikipedia blackout, Google Petition, government sites, phone down and so on.

Here is some fact about SOPA is simply a government act to prevent piracy and counterfeit and Protect IP Act  (PIPA) is about Protect Intellectual Property. So the bills itself have a legal objective to fight against intellectual and piracy activities. It’s not only the music industry or movie but any activities the General Attorney (GA) or UNCLE SAM judges inappropriate. It gives lot of authority to GA to act even foreign without notice. I recommand you to read carefully this article about the act. Because legal authority can take direct actions not only to user but also responsible hosting, and even ISP. Therefore a lot people see BIG brother wants to control the Internet with full power on all virtual jurisdiction. Well I believe people in north america are getting more anxious about their privacy.

In a recent article on Mashable, Christina Warren admits, we all copy illegally ton of musics and videos and we are all wrong and what?’ True! I don’t think the piracy is really the real concern about this act when we see how social media can play a big ROLE in freedom rights. We are so sensible here in America for our ‘freedom’. The freedom to do or download whatever we want! Ask Syria  people who checking every hour to tweet, broadcast and follow actions to protest their freedoms. There is a real treat about it.

So what’s the bleep? Can we leave the internet without regulations like a free highway where everyone can turn in any directions with signals. So can we over the Internet burn red lights as ‘Copyright and piracy’ or give full autorithy to ‘TOW’ everyone with notice and indications? Just like your car, with SOPA, you could be towed without any interdiction and indications. I don’t think either is right. But the questions are there because we all abuse the market without regulations and now we realize we are loosing the control. So government has to take drastic actions by putting stop signs. Somehow it not fair. But it not fair either to be able to copy my friend music. My artist friend takes so much time to work on and see it download freely without notice either. The Internet is worse then a printed article when you publish your dad or girl friend getting drunk last night! Let’s be honest and face the real problem. Downloaded film can and will be prevented and included threaten sites.

In Europe, specially in England when the police where loosing control of contestants, they try to blame RIM (Blackberry maker). Hello!!! Why blame the bottle when people get drunk?  I already have my server get hacked and neither the ISP and government couldn’t help me solve this issue. So the problem is also on the other side. There are new ways to track and monitor unusual activities on any network including the Internet.

I want to suggest Startups to start thinking and working on new technology to provide intellectual data monitor. And keep in mind the user needs to have rights to contest and after warning not able to get an account on his name as punishment. You know what they say? where is a problem, there is opportunity.

In Canada, Bill C-11, titled the Copyright Modernization Act, aims to replace the country’s current copyright law with something more compatible. Bill C-11, will give the music industry is to take more actions vis-à-vis Canadian-based torrent search site, using current law. The proposals would incentivize Internet service providers to terminate users who infringe copyrights more than once. And Canada could be a great example of regulations.

But our fellow Europe already sign their Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) without big blackouts and protests. Go find out why. Still if in america we don’t coming out with a clear solution, we will see a lot of our sites be Blocked simply and maybe without a any notice. So if you don’t want to eat the SOUP (SOPA) you will drink ACTA anyway!

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