A new social era

golden eraAs the 2012 approaches, everyone expect something new in our world. From Occupy Wall Street to European crisis, we can acknowledge a clear conscientiousness is happening politically and economically. Some are afraid to talk about it. They are pretending is our imagination or illusion. How these illusion or predictions can affect our personal and business life. Should we continue to care, to pray, to work as usual? From my humble opinion, we need to shift. Why? I’m going to explain how you can benefit and become care about it. Just be open to this. The new age brings to us a new way for a lot of people like us of thinking. Not only to seek wisdom, happiness with self-development program and all other materials. But it’s also shifting our life in a positive and successful way.

I believe we don’t have to stay close-minded and continue to bury one’s head in the sand like an ostrich to get it. We don’t need to become either an expert of astrology or whatever to see we are seeking for a new social life. We are all searching for a better life for humanity even some doesn’t care. They have just lost hope and faith. Let’s back to the point again. That’s doesn’t mean we have to abandon our job or career and start prophesy and baptize as a crazy dude. I thought I was when I was thinking I lost my family during the earthquake in Haiti. We need these people to wake up and open our eyes and hears. Because they bring messages most of the time that we are not ready to understand. I’m not saying all people yelling on the street are sane. I’m saying some of them bring to us messages and problems that we need to solve and find ideas to create a better world.

Water Changes Everything. from charity: water on Vimeo.

One of the best idea I found over the Internet is charitywater.org. This non-profit organization has a brilliant idea to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of public donations directly fund water projects. They are few social organizations and we don’t take time to see and act upon them. Do you think it will change something? Yes! your $30 bucks you spend every Friday for beers or manicure can make a huge difference in other’s life! Sorry to tell the truth so punchy.

When we turn on the last decade, inventors and entrepreneurs create thousand of  people-oriented ideas and projects: Such as community sites, social media where we have more interaction between us. I don’t believe is a coincidence that we have all this massive Internet and media shifting. We are becoming more humanized and lot of us are more AWAKE and conscious.

Again I don’t want to afraid anyone about the 2012 with the golden era. But a new internet and social beginning has emerged. It’s already a fact since the Internet, we communicate more and now we socialize on a massive scaling point. The question is: Will you continue blindly walking, working, talking and making business as usual? Or Will you build a personal branding for what you want to be? I choose to be the ‘light’ for the ones near me who still take a chance to bring change for the others. And this note is a clear and obvious statement.

So stay awake for the second part.