Have social Medias made users and businesses more sociable?

The context: social Medias are recent; they have less than 5 years. But before that there were many websites for people to communicate. The particularity of social Medias is to connect individuals or companies according to their interests and allow them to communicate.

There are many ways to communicate: there is the unique communication when sending an e-mail or chatting with someone and there are the social medias that provide access to people with the same main interests and that enable you to create your own social network.

Now have social Medias made ​​people more sociable? In my opinion this has affected some people but not others. Social medias have started with Facebook with a group of students who had an interest in it, this made it surpass Hi5 who was heading in the same direction.

This has a big impact because Twitter is more advanced in terms of media information not only in terms of mail relations but also in terms of information diffusion. So many companies use Twitter to make promotion, discounts etc, and the advantage is that people can react in real time on what interests them.

Some social Medias like Youtube or Vimeo do not directly connect people but allow them to share information by connecting with a user name.

At first I did not see the usefulness of social Medias, especially Facebook, I did not see the use to connect to a social media. Then I realized that it’s possible to project an image through a profile, which made me change my mind on the thing. I talked to a friend about it who told me that 80% of the activity of his business is on Facebook.

The other tool that is interesting is Twitter which diffuses directly in various social Medias; I can connect to it on my Linkedin and Facebook accounts. You can easily send a message but Twitter is more « tricky » than other social Medias because anyone can easily see your profile in real time while for Facebook you have to look for the profile.