A mobile world

Mobile world

Nowadays entrepreneurs are very mobile therefore they need tools, gadgets that enable them to access their clients’ files from anywhere. This is why gadgets like Ipad’s and Blackberry’s are often used by business men, even more by independent workers because they have only one device that brings together all their data and information about their clients.

At this level, Internet has contributed a lot by bringing some solutions like the e-mail that will cannibalize the fax because you can read it from anywhere

From my point of view, I saw a mobility tendency of the tech-entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg who launch new gadgets that will lead the world. In Quebec we have the example of Marc Gingra with Tungle that gives you access to many kinds of synchronized calendars. This innovative application has been sold to Rim Blackberry.

Therefore, these tools can really help entrepreneurs. The problem is that they don’t always know which tools are better to manage their business besides websites, communication by e-mails etc while there are lots of tools for company management. For example if you visit the Zoho website, there are many productivity tools like Google Apps.

We took the decision to create a partnership between Zoho and our firm Biznisconsult to provide them management tools of mobile clients, usable even from your mobile phone and for an affordable price.

This tendency among new entrepreneurs goes beyond communication tools. Many of these entrepreneurs work usually from their home; they don’t rent spaces because they are usually on the road, that’s what happened to me at one point in my professional life. These entrepreneurs have often the problem to meet an important client and find themselves at Mcdonald’s or in an expensive restaurant. Therefore we thought of launching buroaccess.com that enables to rend by the hour or the day a conference room or an office. Saje understood this initiative and supported us.

Given that entrepreneurs are more and more mobile, I wouldn’t be surprised if there where mobility formulas developed soon that would enable entrepreneurs to commute from a city to another and have access to apartments and small independent offices including communications, all of this in the same business package. It’s my vision of the new entrepreneurs who become more and more numerous and mobile and who need to be equipped in order to adapt quickly to the new economy’s changes.